This is an album which presents Kyle Shepherd, who has only just passed the age of just 30, as a major creative figure from the South African scene, and has given him an ideal context in which to prove again how good he is. The opportunity to have Loueke alongside him means that the music can roam in many more fascinating directions. I have listened about five times so far, and this album is still revealing more.….”

Album Review by Sebastian Scotney of London Jazz News (United Kingdom)

Sound Portraits From Contemporary Africa

SWR NewJazz Meeting 2016

NOW AVAILABLE via ALL Major Digital Platforms including: itunes-logobw30

Kyle Shepherd was invited to be the curator of the 49th SWR NEWJazz Meeting 2016 in Germany.

For this exciting project entitled ‘Sound Portraits from Contemporary Africa’, Shepherd, together with four of South Africa’s most progressive young Jazz musicians met up with the internationally acclaimed guitarist, Lionel Loueke [Benin / USA] to explore new dimensions of Jazz from an African perspective.

“It’s an incredible honour. I mean this is the 49th edition – and if I think of some of the names of artists that have curated the NEWJazz meeting in the past, I feel very humbled to be on that list.” said Shepherd, for whom the opportunity of performing with Loueke has been a life-long dream.

This episode of the prestigious 2016 NEWJazz Meeting comprised four days’ of rehearsals in the broadcasting studios of the Südwestrundfunk, followed by concert tour in the broadcasting area from 25 to 27 November 2016.

This Double Album comprises the best performance tracks recorded during the concert tour!





Kyle Shepherd –  piano & keyboard

Lionel Loueke  –  guitar & vocals

Mthunzi Mvubu –  saxophone,

Shane Cooper –  bass

Jonno Sweetman – drums & percussion.


Executive Producer: Matthias Lutzweller

Label Producer: Ralf Dombrowski

Producer: Günther Huesmann

Recording Engineer: Oliver Bergner

Recording Venues: 25 Nov 2016 at  Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, 26 Nov 2016 at Sudhaus,Tübingen & 27 Nov 2016 at Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, GERMANY

Mixing & Mastering: Manfred Seller

Editor & Artistic Director: Günther Huesmann

Album Artwork & Layout: Nik Merkulou/ & Günther Huesmann

℗2016, SWR ©2017, Naxos, Made in Germany

Lionel Loueke appears courtesy of Blue Note Records

*Kyle Shepherd´s Publisher: Dr Doctor Music [Admin: Sheer Publishing]



  1. Wassoulou* – 9:33
  2. Re-invention / Johannesburg*  – 20:35
  3. Loueke* – 11:07
  4. Farafina – 13:44
  5. Quidah – 14:44
  6. A Long Way From Home* – 8:14

Total Duration: 77:59


  1. Marikana Cannot Be Forgotten* – 3:40
  2. Salaam (Peace on Earth)* – 10:11
  3. Flying Without Leaving The Ground* – 12:07
  4. Blackbird – 3:33
  5. Guri Kamma* – 9:12
  6. ICU, Part One* – 11:22
  7. ICU, Part Two* – 05:46
  8. Tin Min – 3:55
  9.  Xamissa* – 11:35
  10. Oumou* – 6:15

Total Duration:  77:38

Kyle Shepherd has composed a world-class orchestral film score for Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief which quite magnificently portrays and enhances the highly emotionally charged moments that permeate the film. I’m sure that the music will linger in everyone’s minds and that this soundtrack will be enjoyed for a very long time.” said film producer, David Max Brown.

Film director Daryne Joshua was equally thrilled about Shepherd’s contribution to the film’s success. “With his score of Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief, Kyle Shepherd has forged the emotional spine on which the rest of the film’s emotional journey rests on. Sparse and delicate; haunting and melancholic – this aural journey permeates the inner life of a complex character. But it is never without hope – and in the end rewards us with a deep sense of cathartic resolution. If you don’t finish it with a lump in your throat, you don’t have a heart.”

David Max Brown (Producer) & Daryne Joshua (Director)

Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Now Available via Major Digital Platforms including: itunes-logobw30

Maxi-D Productions are proud to announce the digital release of the original motion picture soundtrack of their film, Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief.

The original soundtrack composed by the internationally-renowned South African pianist and composer, Kyle Shepherd, is now available for purchase, worldwide, on all major digital retail platforms via Gallo Record Company.

Produced by David Max Brown and Moshidi Motshegwa (Maxi-D Productions)in association with M-Net, kykNET the NFVF and the DTI and distributed by Ster Kinekor Entertainment, Noem My Skollie / Call me Thief, a moving crime drama set in Cape Town in the late 60’s was written by John W. Fredericks and directed by Daryne Joshua. The film is South Africa’s official entry to the 2017 Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) in the category for Best Foreign Language Film. A box office hit in South Africa since it was released to critical acclaim in September 2016, it can still be viewed at Ster Kinekor and Nu Metro theatres.


Original Score and Orchestration: KYLE SHEPHERD


Orchestra: The ONYX NOIR String Ensemble

Conductor: Brandon Phillips

Orchestra Administration: Madré Loubser

First Violin: Lucia Scott, Jesse Groenewald & Anneri Senekal, Second Violin: Elina Koytcheva, Kaylin Levendal & Matthew Stead, Viola: Jan-Hendrik Harley & Yechan Park, Cello: Dane Coetzee & Colette Brand, Double Bass: Donat Pellei & Johannes Visser

Piano: Kyle Shepherd, Electric Bass: Shane Cooper, Guitar: Reza Khota


Producer: Shane Cooper

Recorded at: Stellenbosch University Studios

Scoring Stage: Endler Hall

Recording Technicians: Gerhard Roux & Tim Ter Huurne

Recording Assistants: Aret Lambrechts, Ben Ludik & Dawid de Villiers

Facilities Manager: Nicky Fransman

Recording Studio Executive Producer: Winfried Lüdemann

Production Manager: Lerienne Roux

Mixed at: Stellenbosch University Studios

Mixing Engineer: Gerhard Roux

Piano Technician: Paul Tizzard


  1. AB’s Theme (Part 1) – 03:32
  2. Opening Theme – 01:54
  3. The Young Ones (Brotherhood Theme) – 00:30
  4. Knife Fight Outside Nightclub – 01:53
  5. Second Story In Prison – 03:23
  6. AB and Gimba’s First Sentencing – 01:52
  7. AB and Jenny’s Theme – 01:22
  8. AB and Mamma Bible Reading – 02:38
  9. The Young Ones (AB’s Tattoo) – 01:09
  10. Taxi Driver Murder – 02:50
  11. Hippie se Yard – 00:53
  12. AB is Innocent – 03:36
  13. AB’s Theme (Part 2) – 05:28
  14. Third Story In Prison – 05:03
  15. The Young Ones (Forming Gang Theme) – 00:40
  16. Ballie – 02:26
  17. AB’s Theme (Part 3) – 01:31

Total Duration 40:32

“There’s a palpable connectedness they share as players, a connection that also touches attuned audiences at their live performances too. This band is on a search for more than beautiful notes. They are asking more of the music. Its corporeal and ethereal aspects are invoked into the simultaneous sound ritual. Each performance takes on the nature of a meditation and as Zim Ngqawana said, ‘the music must lead us towards ourselves’. ”

Percy Mabandu

Dream State

Kyle Shepherd: piano; Shane Cooper: double bass; Jonno Sweetman: drums. Also featuring Buddy Wells – tenor sax on “Family Love”,  “Xamissa”, “Transcendence”,  “Siqhagamshelane Sonke” & “The Painter (for Melissa)”.

All compositions & arrangements and poetry by Kyle Shepherd.  Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].


  1. City Monk, Desert Monk, Zikr
  2. Family Love
  3. Re-invention / Johannesburg
  4. Dream State
  5. Xamissa
  6. Flying Without Leaving The Ground
  7. Transcendence
  8. Our House, Our Rules
  9. The Seeker
  10. Siqhagamshelane Sonke


  1. Cape Flats (stray bullets kill our children)
  2. Black Star, Unsung Hero
  3. Xahuri
  4. Rituals 1
  5. The Painter (for Melissa)
  6. Doekom
  7. Fatherless
  8. Senegal
  9. Rock Art (in memory of the indigenous people of Southern Africa)
  10. The Sun at Dusk
  11. Ahimsa (for Ghandi and Mandela)

2014 South Africa © fineART Music, under exclusive license to Sheer Sound (part of the Gallo Record Company)

Recorded by Peter Auret at the Sumo Sound Sun Studios

Mixed by  Pål Svenre (Sweden)
Mastered by Tim Lengfeld at TL Mastering
Words on the Trio by Percy Mabandu
Photo by Ference Isaacs

Artwork & Design by Brandan Reynolds

Into Darkness

Kyle Shepherd: solo piano on all tracks except ‘Salaam’ piano & alto saxophone

All music composed & arranged by Kyle Shepherd, except ‘Ebhofolo’ – Traditional. Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. Ebhofolo
  2. Kalk Bay
  3. Belhar / Repetition and Reflection
  4. Into Darkness
  5. Xariep
  6. There’s a sadness in us all
  7. Salaam (Peace on Earth)
  8. Song for South Africa
  9. Multi-tonal Excursions
  10. Goodbye Timer
  11. Silent tongue rise up
  12. The Kione

2014 Japan ©fineART Music, under exclusive license to Shikiori Records

Produced by Kyle Shepherd & Seigo Matsunaga (Shikiori Records)

Recorded at SHIKIORI, Miyawaka, JAPAN on 10 & 11 September 2012
Mixing and Mastering: Yoshihiro Nakamura
Design: Hiromi Fujita (fungus)
Photo: Wayne Conradie
Creative Director:  Kei  Wakabayashi (WK & Co.)
Product Planning: Makoto Miyanogawa (SONG X JAZZ Inc.
Manufactured & Marketed by Shikiori Records.
Distributed by Shikiori Records / Song X Jazz Inc

South African History !X

Kyle Shepherd: piano, Xaru, alto sax, vocals; Buddy Wells: tenor sax; Shane Cooper: double bass; Jonno Sweetman: drums. Also featuring Zim Ngqawana – tenor sax on “Slave Labour”.

All compositions, arrangements and poetry by Kyle Shepherd except “Xan do do (with piano Improvisation)” – “Xan Do Do” written by Pops Mohammed and Thobi Tietie, arranged by Kyle Shepherd, published by Peermusic (Pty) Ltd, and “Bobbejaan/Minstrels go to Court” – Traditional / Kyle Shepherd. Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. Xam Premonitions (Cape Genesis, Movement 1)
  2. Tshawe
  3. Langarm
  4. Xan do do (with piano Improvisation)
  5. Sound Portrait of a Modern African Man
  6. Song for Theo
  7. Bibliography of Bondage
  8. Slave Labour (Cape Genesis, Movement 2)
  9. Dark Cities
  10. Buddy’s Well of Beauty
  11. Bobbejaan / Minstrels Go to Court
  12. Cape Flats Lament (Cape Genesis, Movement 2)
  13. Images of You

℗2012 South Africa © fineART Music, under exclusive license to Sheer Sound (part of the Gallo Record Company)

Recorded & Mixed at Sun Studios, University of Stellenbosch
Recording Engineer: Gerhard Roux / Sun Studios
Mastering: Tim Lengfeld / TL Mastering
Design: Sara C.F. de Gouveia
Photography: Ference Isaacs

This Album was Nominated for a 2011 South African Music Award in the Best Traditional Jazz Album Category!

A Portrait Of Home sees Shepherd, together with Shane Cooper on double bass and drummer Jonno Sweetman, creating music of subtle yet tremendous power. Though the technique of all three is undeniable, this is no antiseptic chopsfest: it is music of genuine passion, meditative and stately but always emotionally engaged. It has groove at its very core, with hummable, stripped back melodies on top – and not just in the “head” sections that traditionally top and tail jazz arrangements

Marcus O’Dair The Arts Desk UK

A Portrait of Home

Kyle Shepherd: piano; Shane Cooper: double bass; Jonno Sweetman: drums

All music composed & arranged by Kyle Shepherd, except ‘Biological Warfare (fragment) by Zim Ngqawana (Ingoma Publishing/Sheer Publishing). Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. A Hymn for Us (movement 2)
  2. Bibliography of Bondage
  3. Biological Warfare (fragment)
  4. Sweet Zim Suite
  5. Coline’s Rose
  6. JAMO
  7. Os’se Mense
  8. Zimology
  9. Dark Cities
  10. Die Goema

℗2010 South Africa ©fineART Music, under exclusive license to Sheer Sound (part of the Gallo Record Company)

Recorded LIVE on 11 August 2009 at Fismer Hall, Music Conservatory, University of Stellenbosch
Recording Engineer: Gerhard Roux / Sun Studios
Mastering: Tim Lengfeld / TL Mastering
Design: Mark Calvert / Suburban Times & Desireé McKie / Limelite
Photography: Wayne Conradie

This Album was nominated for a 2010 South African Music Award (SAMA) Nomination in the Best Traditional Jazz Category! Kyle Shepherd also earned a nomination for a Best Newcomer Award.

“It’s this ‘Proudly South African’ tradition that audiences can expect to hear” … “which sees the multi-instrumentalist navigate an impressionistic collage of South African jazz sounds, from slam poetic minimalist re-imaginings of Afrikaans volksliedjies and Muslim calls to prayer, to goema groove deconstructions, tributes to Abdullah Ibrahim, Ngqawana’s philosophy of “Zimology” and more that, as the doyen of South African jazz scribes Gwen Ansell pointed out in Business Day recently: “live in the jazz world but are never imprisoned by it”

Miles Keylock Mail & Guardian


Kyle Shepherd: piano, alto sax, vocals; Buddy Wells: tenor sax; Dylan Tabisher: double bass; Claude Cozens: drums

All music composed & arranged by Kyle Shepherd, except ‘Die maan skyn so helder’ (Traditional), published by fineART Music. Kyle Shepherd’s music is published by Dr. Doctor Music [admin Africa: Sheer Publishing].

  1. Zimology
  2. Dylan Goes to Church
  3. Cry of the Lonely
  4. Die Goema
  5. A.I.
  6. Spirit of Hanover Park
  7. Die maan skyn so helder
  8. Love Poem
  9. The thread that binds us
  10. Vang gou die Strandloper
  11. Almitra

℗2008 South Africa © fineART Music, under exclusive license to Sheer Sound (part of the Gallo Record Company). Initially Released 2009.
Recording Engineer: Gerhard Roux / Sun Studios
Mastering: Tim Lengfeld / TL Mastering
CD Cover Artwork & Design: The Bryan Slingers Partnership (Pty) Ltd
Photo Images: Marwhaan Lodewyk (Hand Image: Wayne Conradie)